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Employee Engagement

We are all talking about Employee Engagement - businesses and leaders are realising the value and importance of a happy and engaged company culture.

Let’s look at how businesses and team heads can create more employee engagement. Let’s talk about how they can make it a strategic issue that is present every day of the year. Let’s look at how they can help their employees be more profitable, productive and happy.

Clarity & Understanding of Company Vision

When employees do not have a clear and compelling sense of the core vision of the company they represent, they will have no purpose in their jobs. They will feel aimless and unclear as to what exactly they’re trying to move towards and accomplish. Gone are the days when all employees cared about was having a job to go to. The new age employees want to know that their work actually matters.

Once you give purpose to your team, productivity increases.

Helping employees realise their passion and helping them grow

New age employees want to continue to learn and grow. They want to involve themselves in work that they are passionate about and that they can assign a purpose to. They want to be engaged on an emotional and intellectual level. Look at investing in your employees with relevant workshops that will benefit them professionally and personally.

Managerial coaching

Business leaders have an important role of being closely involved with their teams, managing and balancing the fine line of micromanaging. Lack of involvement can lead to disengaged and uninterested employees. A consistent and constructive feedback, frequent catch-ups and positive coaching go a long way in keeping teams happy.

Facilitating clear communication

New age employees want to know how their efforts are making a difference in the company. They also want to be aware of any new developments in the company and how that would impact their work. Consistent feedback from company leadership allows employees to have a sense of ownership and responsibility of the work that they are involved in. They can also gauge how they can be more invested in the company. A clear communication keeps them motivated to move forward with a strong sense of purpose.

Creating a fun team environment and work culture

A positive and fun team environment will dramatically impact the engagement levels of employees. Teams that are deeply connected will feel much higher levels of commitment and engagement than teams who focus solely on work. Simple ways of achieving such positivity and a fun environment can be team activities outside work hours, workday team lunches, birthday celebrations with teams.

Consistent 2-way feedback

Employees want to know that their thoughts and ideas matter. Businesses and leaders who allow for meaningful employee feedback will have significantly more engagement than those who ignore employees. When companies acknowledge the thoughts and ideas of their employees and give them visible shape, employees feel a stronger sense of connection and belonging to the organization.

Appreciating your employees

As human beings, we are all wired to respond to praise, and this leads to satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Acknowledging your employees’ work is a low-cost endeavor—a personal note or an acknowledgement in a team meeting are small but meaningful activities . However this small act goes a long way in motivating the employees and engaging them more to the work that they are involved in.

Employee engagement will open doors for better performance within teams and the company. It will help in increasing productivity, reducing employee retention and boosting company reputation.

Published by Mosaic Solutions

November 2022

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